Dissertation conclusions and recommendations writing assistance/help/services in Zimbabwe


What comes to your mind when you read or hear the word CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION?

What comes to your mind may include;

  • Drawing up conclusions on an area of interest
  • Making inferences on a matter
  • Coming up with suggestions
  • Offering solutions

DEFINITION: Conclusion and recommendation is the process of making conclusions on the objectives of the study based on the results obtained from the analysis of data. Thereafter, recommendations can be made (Robindos Research Consultancy, 2020).

At Robindos Research Consultancy we assist our clients to make and write conclusions and recommendations on the data they would have analysed.

Structure of the conclusion and recommendation chapter!!!

There is no fixed structure for writing the conclusion and recommendation chapter and usually universities and supervisors provide their preferred structure. However, the common structure at Robindos Research Consultancy is as follows;

  • Introduction
  • Conclusions: as per research questions / research objectives and tests of hypotheses
  • Recommendations: these should be related to the findings/ conclusions
  • Areas of further study