What comes to your mind when you read or hear the word CONCEPT NOTE?

What comes to your mind may include;

  • Applying for academic programs
  • Collecting ideas
  • Designing prototypes
  • Writing a proposal

DEFINITION: A concept note is a mini proposal usually written as an initial stage when applying for a PhD or Master program showing a brief description of what the candidate student wants to study and research on (Robindos Research Consultancy, 2020).

  • At Robindos Research Consultancy we assist our clients to write dissertation concept notes that guarantee acceptance of the prospective student to a PhD or Master program.
  • There is no fixed structure for writing a concept note and universities often have specific requirements which may vary depending with the university. However, at Robindos Research Consultancy, a concept note may be presented as follows;

Dissertation concept note structure!!!

There is no fixed structure writing a concept note and usually universities and supervisors provide their preferred structure. However, the common structure at Robindos Research Consultancy is as follows;

 Working Title

  1. Introduction/ Background
  2. Literature Review

2.1 Theoretical Framework

  • Statement of the Problem, Purpose and Research Question

3.1 Statement of the Problem

3.2 Purpose

3.3 Research Question

3.3.1 Hypothesis

  • Research Methodology
  • Research Strategy
  • Research Design
  • Population
  • Data Collection
  • Data analysis
  • Limitations
  • Expected Outcomes